Paranoid thoughts

Uncontrollable fear

Panic turns to rage

Attack the threat

Locate a weapon to destroy

A desperate need to escape

A rush to fill the space

A new consort quickly instated

A barrier raised.

A protective guard.

It’s all a game

Is it true love?

Is it all fake?

A counterfeit life

Built as a shield

An actress in a play.

Pretending it’s all real

Is everything all right?

How long is the play?

Running away

Hiding, cowering.

Trapped now in the play

Unable to escape the act

Desperately sticking to the role

Immersed in the lie

A prison of your own making

Terrified of the truth

You play your role well

Desperate to avoid yourself

You keep yourself locked

Strict adherence to the role

Total self deception

Trying so hard to convince

That the play is real life.

For the alternative is a world of fear that drove you insane.