It appears that under extreme emotional duress the balance of proteins that affect mood and decision making: dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and acetylcholine, the chemicals that define basic dispositions, can become out of balance enough to create an alteration in personality, a temporary schizophrenia. The person then has to face the fact that they were not conscious authors of their choices and actions. For most people it is an intolerable thing to consider giving up the illusion of free will and conscious choice because this is a lie that has been drummed in to us from the beginning of our life. So they either become numb to their actions and have difficulty accepting responsibility, or they impose responsibility on to an outside object or person, for incredibly bizarre, out of character and sometimes quite delusional behaviour on their part, in order to hold on to their illusion of being in charge of themselves. It appears some people are far more susceptible to the personality altering effects of the chemicals than others, this may explain why some people can have traumatic experiences like war and come out of them relatively unchanged and some will suffer the effects of PTSD.