“Thus in order to escape the traumatic kernel in his or her inner being, the subject endlessly searches for some point of identification with the symbolic order that would give him or her a place in the social structure – which means the promise of an identity. When this attempt fails, what remains is the memory of some “Happy before” when everything was “different”. What is the logic of this memory?
With his famous concept of “screen memories”, Freud showed how the subject usually produces some irrelevant memory to cover up something he or she does not want to remember. Thus, what is important is suppressed and what is insignificant is retained in the subject’s memory. For Freud: the subject produces this displayed memory in order to avoid the trauma of another memory, so that the coherence of the story that the subject tells him or herself is not shattered”
(Per) versions of Love and Hate by Renata Salecl