Last Monday I went to a meeting of “Brights” through Brights are an international group that is a kind of relabeling of aetheists, some might accept that label, some might not.

But I wrote this after the meeting and thought I’d share it:

The problem with religion isn’t the religion itself although various religious philosophies throughout the ages have infuriated the problem more than others (and sometimes they take turns). The real problem with religion lies in human nature’s need to form groups. Our need to form groups, however it is rationalised, is a drive from a primitive part of our brain and is a response to an existential insecurity. We feed a need to compensate our insecurities. The problem stems from the biological fact that our insecurities cause a chemical form of myopia in our perceptions. Because our groups are formed out of insecurity, the underlying drive of the group is to bring an easing or an end to our insecurities, the drive to achieve this is to confirm our group by getting supporters and thus reduce the insecurity of the group, the more people that join the group, the more it is believed that the group and it’s drive is confirmed. The underlying problem of religion is this drive and myopia of things that do not confirm this drive. It is from the fear of the uncertainties of the drive, which is incited in certain religions, that we get terrorism. And when Modern Christianity was young and insecure, it sought wars to confirm it’s drive and to “Crusade” against it’s own insecurities.
The danger of forming groups and giving the group a name lies in the underlying human motive. Not to mention that fact that you are putting yourself in conflict with institutions that thrive through their need for conflict in order to confirm their drive. The immediate danger in forming a group and giving the group a name is that you are putting another team in to an already very crowded and insecure division.
And the long-term danger is in becoming the object to which you object: a Group with a Name and “A Word”, which is all a religion really is.
It is a mistake to think that the probelms with religion have anything to do with the spiritual, mystical or supernatural aspects, for these, I believe, are just byproducts of religion, the important element to understand and question is the human element. For the destructive aspects of religion are nothing more than the destructive aspects of human nature hiding behind the mask of religion.