Many times in my life I have had the urge to run away from something, hide from something, not face something that needed facing, not deal with something that needed dealing with. Hoping something will go away by itself. Many times I have allowed that urge to make my choices for me. That urge was a fear, a fear of my own responsibilities. But at the time, I always had a rationalisation, an excuse, and a reason that made sense to me. It’s only looking back, and knowing what I now know about our psychologies, that I can see how fear has had such a big, negative and destructive, part to play in my life. I still get that urge, and sometimes, for a while, it does take control of my thoughts and perceptions, but I now have the power of introspection and honesty with myself that can allow me to have greater power to admit to and correct the choices made by my fears. We all suffer from the problem of letting our fears influence our choices and behaviour, most people remain completely unaware of the influence fears have on their choices and live under an illusion of rationalisations built by there defence mechanisms defending their awareness of their fears. We are far more responsible for the way our lives pan out than we allow ourselves to believe, most of the time the responsibility is pushed outwards on to others, situations, events, luck, GOD. When more often than not, it is the devil inside us that has influenced our behaviour and choices to our own detriment, that devil is our own fears.

For our own spiritual growth, we have to become more responsible for the influences within our unconscious, but we cannot be responsible while we remain unaware, responsibility can only come with awareness of what we are unaware of, our own unconscious influences.

It is hard work for sure, hard work that many of us will shy away from out of fear and laziness, but if we are interested in our own spiritual growth, then we have to learn to analyse and break down all our urges and impulses, break down our choices and behaviour in to their component influences, with a deep disciplined honesty with our selves, and weed out the evil in our own unconscious, our primitive fears.