When we believe, we will defend that belief, often with an extremely violent reaction. This defence is unconsciously motivated and an automatic response of the survival instinct. The reason for this is: the act of belief itself is an automatic, unconscious response of the survival defence mechanism to the anxiety of living in the true world. That is why both the defence and the belief often seem irrational and are impervious to, question, challenge and the attempts of reason. A healthy mind will always question it’s self, challenge it’s self. In the same way a healthy discussion with others should always be open to questions and challenges. When someone acts violently to something that questions, challenge or in anyway threatens their belief system, they do so out of a deep unconscious insecurity in their beliefs. Being challenged is intolerable because they fear doubt. Conversations where challenge is stifled soon become a dictatorship and are unhealthy for all concerned. One should always question why someone else does not want to be questioned.