True love is the most terrifying place you will ever find yourself in in this life. It is the greatest risk you can take in life. 99.9% of people will find this place too frightening to enter completely, instead choosing the comfort of need and the delusion that their need is love. The defence mechanism will protect awareness of the unbearable anxiety of true love and protect people from the reality by causing a twist in perception and awareness. It will build love as an illusion and a mystery, something out of control and discipline. Something controlling. This is not true love. It is a primitive cocktail of needs and fears from the unconscious, masquerading as love. True love is a choice and a discipline. And takes more courage and self honesty than the majority are capable of. When the needs and fears are compatible, the primitive version of love begins. But it is ultimately unfulfilling and unsatisfying and there is still the anxiety of something missing, a need not met.