Love can never totally escape transference. The first love object. The mother. Is the provider. Through her our need for sustenance and security are met. The mother is our first god. And we learn that we can manipulate this god to be what we want it to be. The thing that meets our early needs. We cry when we need food or when we need cleaning. Although unaware, we never lose this ability to manipulate people to get our conscious and unconscious needs met. Although for the middle child. This power is diminished early on because the first and last child receive greater attention. We learn to hate god. And in doing so hate ourselves. This leads to greater unconscious manipulation in adult life. The middle child often has problems developing psychological maturity. They have a tendency to hold on to blame and hate. The origin of this is hate of the mother-god. They are unaware of their manipulations of others to meet their needs to hate the loved object. And blame others for events and behaviour that they themselves brought about through their manipulations that they themselves remain blissfully unaware of. For how can they allow themselves to be aware of it? For if they were aware, then they would see that the blame lies in themselves.