We adorn our caverns with decorations and beliefs to hide the gaps. But always there is a hint of being unfufilled. We reach out blindly from those caverns to find someone to help us see what we are missing. But when that person really starts showing us what we are missing, comes in and starts taking down the decorations we use to protect ourself from the true outside. That person is attacked with all the horror and violence brought on by their fear of being overwhelmed by their freedom from their cavern. To adorn one’s cavern with meaningless details is the nature of a false spirituality. It is there to hide and protect ourselves from the fears of existential angst. True spirituality embraces the truth. False spirituality embraces the illusions we use to protect ourselves from true freedom.

To expose ourselves to the unknown, the mystery of life, without shielding ourselves with false ideas and explanations for that mystery, without distracting ourselves by constantly seeking answers to the mystery, is a terrifying prospect for everyone and only a few have the courage to face that freedom