Freud considered that the memory system was linear and contained 4 levels. Beginning with the storage area. Passing in to the unconscious. Then through the preconscious gateway in to consciousness. This passage is a perilous one if the memory is in any way “forbidden” because it is in the preconscious that freud saw censors that banned or altered the “forbidden thoughts” for the consumption of the conscious awareness. Freud’s concept of dreams was that these “forbidden thoughts” were able to leak through the censors. Also what we know as “freudian slip” is another form of unconscious leak. Freud was remarkably close considering that his theory predated neuroscience by 3/4 of a century. But where he was wrong was that he considered the journey from unconscious to conscious as a linear one. This he got very wrong for the journey is as complex and multidirectional as all the road systems of a large country. Hardly linear at all. And this leaves far more options for thought censorship and alterations on the journey from unconscious to conscious.

The unconscious defence mechanism protects us from awareness of our fears. Many people react violently to this concept because it threatens their very image of themselves. They fear this concept because they fear the things inside them that are out of their control to such an extent that they fear acknowledging them in their awareness, even if they frequently let slip a background awareness in their words and behaviour. Comments like “I’m amazed we haven’t had a fight yet” give evidence of a knowledge of something inside someone that causes them to attack things about others without apparent reason. they are not really saying “We” they are saying “I know there is something inside me that causes me to attack others that I don’t understand or have any control over, but I cannot allow myself to claim responsibility for what is inside me that I am unconscious of so I protect my awareness from realising my own responsibility. My behaviour is outside my awareness so therefore it cannot be me”. This is what Freud referred to as the unconscious slip.

Obfuscation = a failure to see things as they are. So therefore someone that announces “Obfuscating function on” is admitting to, though they might not be aware of this consciously, that something within them is making them see something other than reality. This is another example of a “Freudian Slip”.