Non-violence is not merely refraining from inflicting injuries on others with one’s limbs or weapons. Non-violence has to be practised with purity of mind, tongue and body. There should be no ill-feelings which is a form of violence. No one should be harmed even by speech. All actions should be helpful to others. The observance of non-violence has been described as the highest form of Dharma. -Sai Baba

dhammapada 317. “Those who are fearful when there is nothing to fear and those who travel carelessly through dangerous country – both hold wrong ideas which lead to their destruction.”

True love is not a feeling but a state of consciousness. This is worth meditating on if you want to further your evolution. Of all the qualities that will bring you closer to this understanding of love, purity is the most important. And when I say purity, I mean thoughts and feelings that involve no selfish interest whatsoever. -Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

If we become able, deep in our unconscious minds, to clear our feelings to some extent towards our parents of grievances and have forgiven them for the frustration we had to bear, then we can be at peace with ourselves and are able to love others in the true sense of the word. – Melanie Klein