There seems to be a duality between mind and brain that defies all logic. It some times seems as if the mind is in violent conflict with the brain, the body, and our true interests. This certainly seems so in the case of suicide. Perhaps this is more logical than it first appears if we give up the concept of ourselves as a single, ideal source of thought and look at the biology and sectional structure of the brain. But, it seems, that the brain works at it’s most efficient, when the mind is bypassed, or removed from the equation, or perhaps alternatively, otherwise occupied. Or perhaps it is the role the mind plays when it is in a state of neurosis, perhaps the mind’s role should be that of a neutral observer and judge overseeing our thought impulses and choices, and it is when the mind contains prejudices that the problems (pathologies) begin to occur. It certainly seems like, when the mind is full of anxieties, either conscious or unconscious, blockages and delusions begin to take place in every aspect of the function of mind and body.