I came across this paragraph on a spiritual site and it caught my eye.

“I had a long term substitute teaching job many years ago with a 6 th grade
class. This was an incredible loving and bonded class of caring students,
and I was very blessed. One day a new student arrived. He naturally assumed
the traditional role of goofing off, disrespecting the teacher, and
rebelling in an insecure way. This lasted for one day. Because he had
entered an environment of a group of amazing students, he had to then assume
their ways, and it almost seemed a relief to him! This different energy of a
higher vibrating class had surrounded him and transformed and allowed him to
be a higher vibrating being.”

The author was someone called Karen

It clearly shows that the rebelliousness has, at it’s root cause, an ego/psyche defence, and that, overcoming this defence can result in relief. The letter had a spiritual leaning, but, from a psychoanalytical view point it was also very interesting. Denial and other forms of ego defence are the root of human suffering, but as defences are at the primary and primitive core of the human brain functions, the basal ganglia, I believe consciousness of them and education of their existence is the answer. The less denial, self deception and less lies we tell ourselves to defend our ego/psyche from information that threatens it, the happier we are. Although the defences are an unconscious process we have to become conscious of in order to begin to have some control over them. We have to overcome the illusion that we are happier not knowing and many are bound by that illusion. Ignorance is NOT bliss