The more defensive a person is, the more their minds work on the primitive basis, the less their conscience prays upon their choices, words and actions and the affect they have on other people. Essentially; the more selfish they act, although they can be quite good at disguising their selfishness from others and themselves.

They are more prone to projection because their minds exist in an undifferentiated state and they consequently have a reduced ability to look at themselves critically and the things that they tend to criticise in others are truly the criticisms that they are unable to aim at themselves.

Psychic happenings are naturally projected out and become mysteries, sorcery and the occult. Internal mysteries become externalised in the primitive mind. If we are to truly become a civilised species rather than a species with a veil of civilisation over our primitive instincts, then we need to be educated in to how our nature has evolved deception from out of our primitive flight or fight responses. Our ego is essentially an evolution of the defensiveness of our primitive mind.

Where as our flight or fight response is our reaction to physical danger and threat. Our ego evolved from these defences as a fight or flight response to psychic and emotional danger or threat. Therefore the ego is essentially an overlapping creation of the primitive aspects of the human brain.

The ego holds back the evolution of individuals and humanity in to a higher state of consciousness and loving. True love is not blind. True love is higher consciousness. True love is omniscient. Fear blinds and the ego is founded on our fear response.

Our ego blinds us because it protects us from information that is considered dangerous or threatening to the psyche. And sometimes love is perceived as a threat. Especially if someone has many things inside that are hidden, quarantined by the ego.

The ego’s response to an omniscient love will be a violent defence against the intrusion. The ego believes it is under attack and responds as if life itself is threatened and initiates a fight or flight response.

So the ego is the defence mechanism of the psyche and the nature of a defence mechanism, like a sentry on guard duty, means it has to be constantly attentive to possible attacks and see the potential threat in things, as such the ego, by nature, is insecure.

And being, by nature, insecure, it needs to raise it’s station to a more important one, thus it naturally sells it’s self as, and deceives us in to believing, it is the true self.