One paradox that I have noticed, is that people with a hunger for knowing, often are the same people that use knowledge to conceal their ignorance. It becomes an armour to protect their not knowing, and their hunger is a need to fortify themselves.

This locks the ignorance inside. It appears to be caused by a fear of their own ignorance and a fear of admitting their ignorance to themselves

Any knowledge becomes their weapons and armour against disclosure of their not knowing. The hunger for something, usually, like the hunger for food, suggests a sense of emptiness inside.

When you sense your stomach is empty, you hunger for food. When you sense your mind is lacking in knowledge, you hunger for knowing.

Knowing should not be a hunger, but rather a relaxed communication without the restrictions hunger places on it, it should be like a revolving door.

The unimpeded flow of knowledge comes with peace and not anxiety, anxiety narrows perspective and restricts the flow of knowing. Hunger suggests an anxiety.

There’s a sense that something isn’t fair, that it is not fair that you may not know something, that someone else does, and if that knowledge isn’t readily released upon demand, stress and tension sets in.

The knower becomes the target of irritation or anger when the true source of irritation and anger is the internal ignorance.