“Towards The One”

I am intrigued by this phrase; what is “The One”? It seems to suggest an external attainment, an external goal, something to strive for.

What Oneness are we seeking and where do we seek it?

It seems clear to me that no external Oneness can be achieved until an internal Oneness has been cultivated. In other words, we must take our own divided and fragmented minds and bring them together as One. Not the illusion of One, but rather a true Oneness by accepting the fragments, limitations, failings and imperfections that exist in our own being as well as those outside our being. A true tolerance and understanding of ourselves and others. That is how one achieves Oneness. When that internal Oneness is achieved, an external Oneness will be the inevitable outcome. No striving, or moving towards, required, it will just be the natural progression of the internal peace brought about by the act of bringing our fragmented selves together as One.