“A traumatic complex brings about dissociation of the psyche. The complex is not under control of the will and for this reason it possesses the quality of psychic autonomy. This autonomy consists in it’s power to manifest itself independently of the will and even in direct opposition to conscious tendencies; it forces itself tyrannically upon the conscious mind. The explosion of affect is a complete invasion of the individual; it pounces upon him/her like an enemy or a wild animal.”

Jung was almost right here, but this pouncing isn’t “like” a wild animal, it IS a wild animal, it is the wild animal in our heads, the amygdala, as it rises in response to perceived threat or danger, it becomes the dominant force in the mind. The need for psychic protection becomes it’s own autonomous personality, the power switches from our advanced prefrontal cortext to our primitive amygdala, the personality adapts to suit, accepting this new captain while it rides out the stormy sea.