Probably one of my favourite quotes comes from; Stephen Jay Gould’s “Deconstructing The Science Wars by Reconstructing an Old Mould”

“Our lamentable tendency to taxonomize complex situations as dichotomies of conflicting opposites.”

For me I think this sums up the fundamental flaw in the classifications that the majority currently follow in the mental health field as proposed by DSM IV;  A diagnostic classification system almost entirely based upon defined sets of expressed symptoms, which, under scrutiny of expressed behaviour, individuals with mental challenges never actually stay within those defined scripts. The complexity and balance of the human brain and it’s potential for dysfunction in so many of it’s processes, pathways and signal carriers, just does not fall as neatly in to groups of symptoms that the stuffy DSM series proposes. We await DSM V to see if it will emerge out of the dark ages or whether it will maintain the paradigm of current psychological/psychiatric taxonomies, or whether it will cleanse it’s self of the old ways and embrace it’s newer cousin, Neuroscience, in to the flock, to allow our understandings of human flaws and imperfections to move to a new era of understanding our true nature.

I think we can take what we think we know about many of the classifications of behavioural disorders; Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, RAD, and even Autistic Spectrum Disorders. and screw them up and throw them in the bin and start understanding the symptoms more from the point of view of dysregulations, dysfunctions and imbalances of brain processes and development.