Denial, projection, repression, delusion, obfuscation, etc. these are some of the tactics and mental manoeuvres our brains have adopted in response to the emergence of our cognitive/social mind (The Pre Frontal Cortex) that evolved to meet our social needs and the conflict this created with our primitive mammalian/reptilian brain and its survival needs. The integration of these 2 divergent areas of the brain, and their often, dichotomously opposed primary functions is essential for efficient functionality in our current environment and our social and relational interactions.

The integration and development of the connections between these areas requires consistent nurture and support during the prime periods of brain development (conception through to birth, infant, toddler, teenager, etc.). Any disruption, at any time, during development, impacts upon the pathways and carriers (neurotransmitters) responsible for this integration which can lead to a myriad of dysfunctional symptoms of emotional, stress and fear regulation, the extremes of which we refer to as “Personality Disorders” or “Mental Illness”.

We classify “Mental Illness” or “Personality Disorders” with sub classifications based upon grouping of expressed symptoms; this lacks the insight or understanding for underlying causes and focuses on superficial symptoms and expressed behaviours rather than the core deficits and provides a misleading understanding of the core failure to “integrate” regions of the brain that is the foundation for all “Mental Illnesses”.

The area between the “mammalian” limbic system and the “sapient” cortex is known as the Anterior Cingulate. Theory currently points to the connections made through this separating layer of being of prime importance in regulation.


There were evil thoughts in men, and they were revealed for this reason, that being brought to the surface they might be destroyed, slain, put to death, and He Who died for us might kill them. For while these thoughts were hidden and not brought into the open they could not be utterly done to death.~  Origen of Alexandria ~ 3rd century AD.