It’s becoming very clear to me that there are many more people stuck in the push/pull, fight or flight, attack or run away dynamic of relationships, that have no awareness that their problems are created by developmental hurdles that have been left wanting due to stressful attachment experiences during developmental stages, that are outside of the categories of the classical diagnosis of disorders, yet are still, to some extent, dysfunctional behavioural challenges.

This lack of awareness leads to the rallies of  the projection for the blame for the conflicts that are the dynamics of so many relationships. Awareness dissolves this projection and renders it ineffective for projection is solely the realm of the unconscious.

Our unconscious addiction to these conflicts can be seen most clearly within the dramatised field; our addictions to the likes of Eastenders, Coronation Street, Celebrity Gossip, etc.

Relational dramas account for the vast majority of our “entertainment” addictions. It’s a paradox that we can watch and be aware of and be entertained by the dynamics when they are portrayed in a box in front of us or in a magazine, yet we cannot be aware of them in ourselves.