You may not realise it, but our behaviour is almost entirely determined by unconscious emotional patterns imprinted upon our brain from past experiences. We may point to present circumstances and environment and say that out behaviour is a response to that present. We rationalise it, providing a current and relevant narrative, explaining our behaviour to ourselves in a way that makes sense to our rational mind, but it is totally, in almost everyone of us, determined by a preset emotional pattern from our past circumstances and environments. These emotional patterns are set by emotional memory. Emotional memory does not work like the conventional memory that involves images and words that we can recall. We cannot recall images and words set by emotional memory. This is a different kind of memory. Conventional memory begins to work and become retrievable around the age of 4 years old, but our emotional memory is working long before that. Emotional memory is key to our earliest learning and actually begins functioning when we are still a foetus in the womb. Emotional experiences of our mother while we are still foetuses in the womb actually determines, to some extent, the path of our emotional development ( In fact, every emotional experience we have influences and changes the brain structure in some way.

I say “in almost everyone of us”; The more we understand and become aware of this mechanism, the more we facilitate ourselves with the conscious ability to overcome this programming when it has negative effects or connotations, or negative influences on our behaviour , and even rewire the brain towards more positive behaviour.